Cable Art

Striking artwork with elegant, flexible and strong wire rope structures

Stainless steel wire ropes and wire rope nets such as Webnet by Jakob Rope Systems are ideal materials for breath-taking art installations. Walkable nets, minimal supporting structures made of steel ropes or complex rope statics for tensegrity and membranes: the impressive technical possibilities of stainless steel ropes offer manifold unexplored ways of expression.

Jakob Rope Systems has been working with artists for decades. The collaborations push us to explore our own technical possibilities and redefine the potentials of ropes and cables. The experience gained in this way enriches our daily work and flows into the development process.

Partner for artists and galleries

akob Rope Systems welcomes creative ideas on how to use cables and cable nets in new ways. Wire rope structures offer artists a lot of potential to play with statics and tensile forces. Hanging or suspended structures, walkable nets or transparent support structures for art installations are just some of the possibilities.

Successfully realized projects by Jakob Rope Systems with renowned artists can be seen in Paris, Düsseldorf, Salzburg or Fort Worth, among others.

Well-known and groundbreaking projects include:

Tensegrity installation at Goodwood Festival, UK
In orbit by Tomás Saraceno, Düsseldorf
Wind roundabout in Fort Worth, TX, by Ned Kahn
La Mantille, suspension cable structure, Paris
Webnet installation at Wüstenrot headquarters, Salzburg

Consulting and solution finding for creative rope and net structures

We support the creative process from the initial idea to implementation. We advise artists, museums and gallery owners or art offices in every project phase when it comes to using our products or developing new ideas. Our engineers love new challenges that push the limits of what is technically possible and beyond.

Our services comprise:

Advice on planning the overall structure, statics and assembly
Support in the development process and finding solutions for design challenges
Sampling and production of mock-ups
Production of customized fiber ropes, wire ropes and rope nets and special parts
Dimensioning and planning
Assembly and maintenance


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