We advise the advisors!

We are the preferred partner of architects, engineers and contractors

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At Inoxline, you get more than building components of the highest quality. You also get service and advice in a creative collaboration between professionals

Your Danish negotiator and business partner

We are uncompromising in our choice of materials and production methods

We don’t create the architecture, we don’t do the calculations, and we don’t execute the projects. But we have to admit that we are a bit geeks in our field.

We offer assembly service on Webnet / Wirenet from Jacob Rope systems. Eg. Wire mesh in Railings – shielding – fall protection – green facades.

In the vast majority of cases, we receive drawing material for the projects, and often we help with the details, and contribute with ideas, inspiration and, not least, experience. It’s also happining that we have a suggestion for something you didn’t know you had to ask about.

We advise the advisors!

Architects we collaborate with