Railings in Webnet / Wirenet

Low maintenance and high functionality

For architects and builders, the appeal of Webnet as a railing material is based on its high practical value paired with the unique visual neutrality it offers. Thanks to its unobtrusive appearance, it can be used in the most diverse stylistic contexts and to realize a wide range of design concepts.

An interesting application area for Webnet is railing infill or railing replacement. It is just as suitable for private applications as it is for semi-public or public spaces. Whether in apartments, kindergartens and schools, whether in museums or public offices, whether on bridges or publicly accessible viewpoints - with its combination of functionality and aesthetic understatement, material economy and longevity, Webnet is a convincing solution everywhere. Furthermore, the issue of cost-effectiveness is also worthy of attention. In this respect, the advantages of Webnet include not only its relatively low initial costs, but also the fact that there are virtually no maintenance costs involved.

Simple integration and mounting

The integration of Webnet into a specific design concept is simplified by the fact that the material can be painted in many colors. There are numerous installation options when using Webnet as a railing: The mesh material can be clamped between steel pipes, rods or ropes as desired, allowing usable lengths of up to 100 meters. A further option is the use of pre-tensioned Webnet Frames. Pre-assembled in the shop, they can be installed on site in a very short time and in just a few steps.

Webnet railing infill

Thanks to its flexibility, Webnet adapts to any shape and can fill any railing structure. By adjusting the cable strength, mesh width and mesh orientation, the mesh can be customized to the needs of the project. A Webnet railing infill is not only an aesthetic architectural feature, but also an improvement in safety.

Stairs with Webnet

The web mesh that runs through every story of a staircase is a popular application of stainless steel mesh. In addition to safety and reliable support, the mesh is also a striking architectural feature of the staircase.

Webnet Frame's railing

Webnet Frames are an attractive alternative to standard Webnet railings. The frames consist of steel profiles with a pre-installed web mesh that can be easily installed on site by various measures. Webnet Frames are available in round or square profiles and in various sizes and configurations. They can also be tailored to the project at hand.

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