Suspension cable systems

Elegant and reliable support

Our range of cables, wire mesh, end terminations and related parts enable you to create elegant and efficient suspension installations. From traffic lights to artistic installations, static solutions with steel cables are tried and tested. Jakob Rope Systems has extensive experience working with public authorities, architects as well as artists.

Cables make it possible to create suspension structures that can span up to 80 meters without additional supports. This not only creates suspension structures that are extremely elegant and minimalistic, but also highly efficient and cost-effective with very low maintenance costs. Our range of stainless and galvanized steel cables is complemented by our wide range of end terminations.

Elegant and reliable support with cables from Jakob Rope Systems

Facade design

Ropes and cables are perfectly suited to realize artistic facade decorations, to mount elements or to create semi-transparent facades. Webnet meshes with Webnet ID sheets are perfect for decorative use or for making blinds or shutters.

Traffic signaling

Steel cables can easily span distances up to 60 meters and more. They are low maintenance and require much less material than steel beams or other load-bearing structures, making them a highly effective support for traffic lights, streetlights and public transportation catenaries.

Overhead lighting

Efficiency, flexibility, elegance, low maintenance: these qualities characterize steel cable catenary lighting systems from Jakob Rope Systems. Since they require no space for poles or other supporting structures on the ground, the suspension structure can adapt to spaces of any size: from large open spaces to small alleys. Light can be directed precisely to where it is needed, reducing light pollution and energy consumption.

Christmas lights

Suspension solutions for Christmas lights are a specialty at Jakob Rope Systems. The efficiency of cables is especially useful when it comes to seasonal installations. No large brackets are needed and the cables can be easily stored when not needed. The cables are elegant and almost invisible, letting the Christmas lights shine.

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